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Gotta Watch'em All - A Pokémon Podcast

Feb 28, 2020

Gotta Watch’em All Podcast 85

Recording Date - 2/23/20

Publish Date - 2/27/20


GO HOME! Now that Pokémon Home has been out for a bit we discuss some of the cool Pokemon that you can earn through the app! We also talk about the similarities between the TCGO Marketplace and how hacked Pokémon are showing up in Wonder...

Feb 12, 2020

Gotta Watch’em All Podcast 84

Recording Date - 2/7/2020

Publish Date - 2/11/2020


We are excited to be recording on the release day of the Sword & Shield TCG Expansion block! We hope both you and your wallets are ready for another 200+ card set! Adam shares his experience at 2 Pre-Release events and we prepare for a...

Feb 8, 2020

Gotta Watch’em All Podcast 83

Recording Date - 1/31/2020

Publish Date - 2/6/2020


We have news on Pokémon Home! We discuss the differences in the free vs paid services and break down the features that we know about so far. Unfortunately we will not have Pokémon GO connectivity at launch, but there are still a...