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Gotta Watch'em All - A Pokémon Podcast

Aug 22, 2020

Gotta Watch’em All 105

Recording Date - 8/18/2020

Publish Date - 8/22/2020


Hey trainers! We begin our coverage by recapping our last week in Pokémon GO! We were able to enjoy a blast of Unova Pokemon and the return of Genesect to raids! With one of the coolest looking shinies, we expect another big week of Remote...

Aug 11, 2020

Gotta Watch’em All Podcast 104

Recording Date - 8/8/2020

Publish Date - 8/11/2020


We had a big week in Pokémon GO with not only the week long Ultra Unlock but also Magikarp Community Day! Enigma week brought us the release of Elgyem, but also Shiny Deoxys and Staryu! Remote raids are also still rocking with Unown...

Aug 4, 2020

Gotta Watch’em All 103

Recording Date - 8/2/2020

Publish Date - 8/4/2020


Another fun week in the world of Pokémon! We take a break from Sword & Shield news to talk about the Ultra Unlock Dragon Week in Pokémon GO, the Summer Event in Pokémon Masters, check out new products from the Pokémon Center, and board the...